Handmade in Brisbane using custom micron thick plastic with two extra large seals to ensure your child’s safety - our bags are filled with over two hundred glitter pom poms and beads, suspended in holographic glitter gel with sequins.

The Sensory Bag is the ultimate sensory experience for children eight weeks up.

Why The Sensory Bag?

No breakage, no mess

Our bags are made from a custom micron thick plastic with two extra large seals to protect against breakage and ensure your child’s safety.

Calm & regulation while developing skills

As children explore tactile sensations in the sensory bag, neural pathways are built – laying the foundation for self-regulation and being ready to learn.

Large in size and contents

Our bags contain nearly a litre of glitter gel and are 38cm wide! Filled with various sizes of glitter pom poms, beads and sequins.

Help expanding minds

As a parent or caregiver interacts with an infant or young child, talking, having fun, exploring the tactile sensations, making sounds together, neural pathways will be built, laying the foundations for self-regulation and being ready for learning.  Older children can use their imagination, become regulated, calm and grounded by the weight of the sensory bag. The recipe for being able to learn!